A programmer thru grit and circumstance

My love affair with coding began more than a decade ago. A self-taught programmer, I (re)discovered the joy of coding in a time when programming courses were few, and books were expensive. Through sheer luck I discovered online tutorials. And out of necessity, the Internet became my classroom. Code bloggers became my teachers, and forum members my classmates.

Despite numerous missteps and false starts (and a lot of caffeinated nights), I slowly worked my way from novice to skilled programmer. Through that process, I developed an unexpected fondness for learning. I still get excited about new technologies. Here are a few that I currently enjoy:

“Innovation doesn’t stop, so neither should learning.

As a professional developer I build awesome things, and more importantly, I get to give back to the programming community. As a volunteer organizer and speaker, I draw from my 10+ years experience to help educate, inspire and motivate others who are going thru their own coding journey.

What I’m doing now…

  • I’m a Senior Web Developer for a successful Australian company, and occasionally I consult for companies and startups.
  • Co-organizer for WordPress Usergroup Philippines and WordCamp Manila
  • a proud Member of the Philippine Tech Leaders Community
  • Speaker and resource person for various workshops, tech events and conferences.
  • I’m trying to make a programming-based card game to encourage more people to try coding 🙂

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